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Blog Income & Traffic Report: December

I have almost totally ignored my blog for exactly one month as of Christmas day (so for more like 6 weeks as of the time this is posted)! This will be short, because my blogging time is short. And oh my, this is an income report I am excited about. NOT because I made a ton of money or had wicked awesome page views. I made less money and had over 40k fewer page views than I did in November.

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: November 2016

I had always HOPED that I could make a living blogging, and I had HOPED that I could generate enough passive income to make it “worth the effort” – but until this past week I have been putting in about 1000% effort. (Not kidding, I’m talking about 6-10 hours per day, every day, for the past 8 months.) Waking and sleeping (yes, even in my dreams) I have been blogging.

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: October 2016

I can’t quite comprehend what happened in October. I’ve been blogging for just 8 months. I’m doing lots of it wrong. I’m still breaking a bunch of the “rules”, because I honestly don’t know any better. And yet, I’m making money.

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: September

SO. It’s been a month since I received my first real “paycheck” (as in, deposited money into my bank account) that was earned through my blog. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to transfer the money into the checking account, because I am so certain it can’t possibly be real. (Also since I’m still at my day job for another month and a half we aren’t desperate for the money yet.

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