When it comes to soothing your sad teething child, you want only the best teething products for babies.

Sometimes, finding the best items can be a challenge if you don’t know what you are looking for—particularly if this is your first time helping a teething baby through this process.


There are days (and weeks) when teething can be hard on everyone in the house. (If baby seems to be chewing on everything in sight, and isn’t sleeping well, she’s PROBABLY teething – rather than going through a sleep regression.)

Know that it will be over soon (well, eventually, anyway) – especially if you find something your baby loves to chew on!

These teething products for babies will help keep your little one happy, and you will be so glad you had them on hand!

These also make great gifts for new babies – lots of new moms don’t know what to buy for teething babies, and a number of the things on this list that MY kids loved the best were actually gifts from our baby shower (including the amber anklet and the banana toothbrush).

Important Information To Keep In Mind Regarding Teething Products

It’s extremely important to keep a close eye on your child when using any teething products. Some of them can be choking hazards, while others can cause an allergic reaction.

Whenever you are using teething products of any kind, make sure you are 100% vigilant with your little one. 

The Best Teething Products For Babies in 2o20

There are so many products for babies out there, and you want what is best at all times. Some babies deal with teething so much different from others. There are times when your child is going to feel pain and exhaustion because of teething. Then sometimes you will find your baby is totally unaffected. Here are some go-to best teething products for babies to try out:

1. Amber Teething Anklet 

Amber has been becoming more and more popular over the last few years as a teething remedy for babies. And I find that these anklets work great!

The gemstones are made from the resin from pine trees. You can also get these in necklace form but I think that the anklets are safer, I felt comfortable letting my kids sleep in them (unlike necklaces).

Both my kids worse these, and they were so much more like their normal selves after we put them on! (It was soooo crazy!)

2. Banana Teething Toothbrush

The bristles on the banana teething toothbrush are really soft and feel good on the baby’s sore gums.

BOTH my kids LOVED this thing.

It also fits easily in your child’s hands too. You will enjoy it because your baby will be happy, and…big win: dishwasher safe (all kids things should be dishwasher safe in my opinion lol)!

As with any baby product that goes in their mouths, you will want to monitor it and change it out with a new one if it starts to look worn.

3. Nuby IcyBite Soother Ring Teether

We had one of these for our kids and it was a huge hit – in hindsight, I would have bought two or three.

You keep them in the freezer, and they’re cooling to the gums – but they do warm up pretty fast in those hot little mouths, so having more than one would be great (you could rotate them).

4. LittleFoot Nation Organic & Natural Bunny Rabbit Baby Teether Ring

Wood is a great option for chewing babies! This teether ring has 5-star reviews, and give baby another medium to munch on.

Wood has Natural ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIMICROBIAL properties making wood a superior teething choice. These little rings are easy for tiny hands to hold.

5. Teething Bib 

Not only does this teething bib have a teether at the bottom to help with discomfort, but it is also great for cleaning up the drool (and there will be a lot!).

It keeps the teether “attached” to your kiddo in their highchair or in the car, which is sooooo helpful!

Plus, it’s easy to clean – just throw it in the washing machine! (Yay!)

6. Teething Mittens

What I love about teething mittens is you can put them on your baby’s hands, and you don’t have to worry about them getting chucked across the room (- or THE CAR – because you know that you’re going to have to pull over at some point to find that dang thing in the footwell).

There are so many cute and fun patterns and options available. Your baby will love the crinkle sound they make too.

MY kids did not love having mittens on, but I think we waited until they were too old to try them – put the mittens on your babe from the time they’re small and they won’t mind.

7. Pacifier Teethers

If your baby already uses a pacifier, then he or she will love this pacifier teether combination. If you have a baby that hasn’t mastered putting items in his mouth yet, this is an ideal product. They feel good and help relieve pain on your baby’s gums.

You might notice that the very popular Sophie la Giraffe teether is not on this list, and that’s because of the nasty mold possibility. I like teethers that can be washed in the dishwasher or even the washing machine – things not meant to be immersed in water might as well be skipped as far as I’m concerned.

8. Orajel Baby Non-Medicated Cooling Gel

This gel provides a cooling sensation to help relieve pain in hot gums. It’s

  • Benzocaine Free
  • For Babies 3+ Months
  • Can be used up to 4 times daily or as directed by a physician or healthcare provider
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, and Free of Artifical Flavor

The Best DIY Teething Products for Babies

You can always purchase products for your baby to help with teething, but it’s also possible to use DIY teething products as well.

Take a look at these ideas to make yourself.

  1. Make a paste with ground-up ginger. Add a little bit of water and coconut oil too. This paste will help numb your child’s gums. It’s better if you use it cold because the coolness feels good on their gums too.
  2. Whip up a batch of popsicles. You can use breast milk or pureed fruits and veggies. All you need is a popsicle mold, and you can add the ingredients.
  3. Freeze a wet washcloth. I know it seems pretty basic, but you won’t believe how much your baby will love it. They can gnaw, chew, and enjoy playing with it. You can buy some new washcloths in a specific color just for this.
  4. Pickle juice. If your baby is old enough to eat some food, you can freeze some pickle juice in a popsicle or wet a washcloth with it and freeze. Your baby will enjoy the texture.
  5. Pickles. Baby might just love chewing on a pickle straight out of the fridge!
  6. DIY teething cream can be made by mixing some coconut oil, food-grade clove oil, and cocoa butter. Mix all the ingredients together and gently rub onto your child’s gums.
  7. Freeze some fruit and let your baby chew on it. You can use a mesh chewer if you want or not, depending on your preferences.

What else can you do to help a teething baby feel better?

Honestly, I have no qualms giving my baby Tylenol or Advil when they’re teething – just think of how painful a toothache is!  (But it’s also really important to offer them teethers, so they can CHEW and put pressure on those gums so they can GET THE TEETHING DONE FASTER! (Hallelujah, yes?)

I also had a lot of success with homeopathic teething remedies with my first. This is the most popular one I know of!

Lastly, SNUGGLE! (Snuggles are always the best!) If baby is having an absolutely miserable time sleeping, and you are up and down all night, you could consider co-sleeping!

Now that you have the very best teething products for babies at your fingertips, you should be all set.

I recommend trying several different methods to see what works best for you and your baby.

Don’t be discouraged if something works one day, and the next day, it doesn’t.

This is perfectly normal, so it’s good to have a variety of items on hand to try.

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