The Best Christmas Party Games for Large Groups Sure to Make Epic Memories

Christmas is fast approaching, and you might be planning a party for quite a large group this year. If that’s the case, you’ve found yourself in the right place! Party games can be so much fun and a really great way to break the ice and get to know each other when you are hosting a large crowd. Whether you are looking for Christmas games for adults, kids, or the entire family, you’re going to find a bunch of entertaining options on this list. Some games are sit down while others are relays so no matter which type of game you want I’ve got you covered. Read on because I’ve rounded up over 100 Christmas party games for large groups that you are going to love.

Hosting Christmas for Large Groups

Hosting a Christmas party for large groups is a whole different ball game than hosting for small groups like just your immediate family. Whether you are getting together with your entire extended family, your neighbors, coworkers, family friends, or all of the above, I’ve found some really fun games that will make your Christmas party filled with memories for the ages.

Some tips when hosting Christmas parties for large groups:

  • Always plan for extra food. There’s nothing wrong with over-planning when it comes to food, but it will be a disaster if you don’t have enough. You could even lighten some of the load by asking each guest to bring a dessert or Christmas appetizer for a crowd if you are comfortable with that. (Free printable Christmas menu planner.)
  • Play Christmas songs in the background. When hosting a party when not everyone knows each other well can make for some awkward silent moments at first. Having some light Christmas music playing in the background at all times will make a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. (Christmas
  • Consider a white elephant gift exchange. Sure you know everyone at the party, but when not everyone knows each other, there won’t be presents evenly spread around. You can help everyone feel included by doing a white elephant gift exchange.
  • Consider doing a Secret Santa gift exchange. Another perfect way to include everyone in the holiday season’s gift-giving is by hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange. This will take a little extra planning on your part, but shortly after receiving all your RSVPs, give each guest the name of whom they are buying for and the spending limit.
  • Add in some fun Christmas party games. Having a fun Christmas game or two can really lighten up the evening. There are some for kids, some for adults, and some that everyone can have fun and make memories together while playing.

A Few More Related Tips You Might Find Helpful This Christmas:

These things can really make Christmas special and memorable… which I KNOW you are going for because you are here looking up epic Christmas games for your party.

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How I Split Up the List of Christmas Party Games for Big Groups

There are so many fun different types of Christmas party games and so many categories I could have put them in when designing this list for you guys. But I decided that the best way to group the games was by the ages that they are best suited for.

First, you will find a few Christmas games geared just towards adults or maybe big kids. Next you will find Christmas games that are more geared toward kids.

After that, there is a large number of party games that can be played with a mix of any aged guests, and at the end of that section, you will find a few links where you can download a ton of party games in one place for free.

I hope that helps you to best sort through this big list of Christmas party games for large groups so that you can find exactly what you are looking for so that no matter who is coming to your party this year, they will have the best time ever. (And hopefully without too much added stress on your end. In fact, adding in some well-designed party games can actually make the entertaining a lot easier when done right.)


Fun Christmas Party Games for Adults

Printable Christmas Scattergories Game for Adults

Scattergories Christmas party games for large groups

Looking for last-minute printable Christmas games for adults to play this holiday? Try this fun Christmas Scattergories game at your Christmas party or after Christmas dinner! Scattergories is a Hasbro game that has teams trying to think up the best words in certain categories. With over 60 Christmas categories, try this holiday game for a good time!

Who Said That Christmas Game

who said that Christmas party games for large group

This is a fun game that is going to make you think back on all of your favorite Christmas movies. Print out your free “Who Said That”  with a Christmas twist cards and have fun with this perfect game.


Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas Water Bottle Bowling

bowling Christmas party games for a large group

This Christmas water bottle bowling is an easy game that anyone can play. You can make as many Christmas bowling pins as you want and set different lines to bowl from for different ages to make it more fair. I love games that get the kids moving together like this one for the holiday.

Disney Right Left Christmas Game Printable

gift exchange Christmas party games for a large group

Looking for a fun and engaging way to celebrate Christmas with your family? This Disney Right Left Christmas Game Printable is a fun and unique gift exchange game. This easy-to-play game is perfect for adding a touch of magic to your holiday party.

Don’t Eat Pete: Christmas Version

bingo Christmas party games for a large group

Play this game with a fun small treat like M&Ms for a sweet game that is simple but fun. In Don’t Eat Pete you will try to eat all your treats without eating Pete!

Rudolph Races

rudolph races Christmas party games for a large group

Rudolph Races is a creative STEM game that will have kids giggling and cheering on their reindeer in no time. Nothing better than fun holiday games with a STEM twist!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable in Spanish & English

Christmas party games for a large group rudolph races

Looking for a fun way to entertain kids of any age for a while this Christmas? Try this Christmas scavenger hunt in English or Spanish! You could even challenge the big kids with doing the Spanish version if it’s not your native language for some extra fun and learning too.

Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Christmas party games for a large group pin the nose on the snowman

Give this classic party game a winter twist with pin the nose on the snowman! It’s fun for all ages. Just spin the bigger kids around more times before they get a chance to “pin” to make it more of a challenge for them. Or you could separate the game into different age groups for a giant party.

Kids Christmas Quiz: Free Printable with 20 Holiday Questions

christmas quiz Christmas party games for a large group

These can be fun questions for kids at the party to try to have answered by their family members because a lot of them are pretty tricky! Do you know when candy canes were invented? I don’t! Try playing the Christmas quiz now!

Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Christmas party games for a large group

We have got a fantastic list of Christmas Would You Rather questions for kids. These questions are a great way to start conversations and bring laughter to everyone within earshot. You can also download the free printable at the end of the post to print it off!

(I’ve only included games with FREE printable versions here, at least at the time of creating this post they are all free.)

Christmas Eye Spy

eye spy Christmas party games for a large group

Looking for fun printable games that will entertain the kids so the adults can get some visiting time, cooking time, etc. in? Well then give this free printable Christmas scavenger hunt a try today.

Christmas Bingo Free Printable

These festive Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards  are a fun holiday activity that your family can do together this Christmas season. The first person to get bingo can win a little prize like a puzzle or candy. It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained before present opening time.

Fun Christmas Party Games for the Whole Family

Christmas Dare Game

christmas dare Christmas party games for a large group

This is one of the funniest Christmas party games on this list! The Christmas Dare Game is a great game to get shy people out of their shells and get some big belly laughs going. Print these cards… if you dare!

Christmas Trivia Game

Christmas party games for a large group

This Christmas trivia game will really get everyone into the Christmas spirit because it covers all topics from Christmas movies, to the Bible story, to the history of Christmas traditions throughout the world.

Candy Cane Olympics (11 Games with Candy Canes)

candy cane olympics Christmas party games for a large group

Ready to get moving with some fun Christmas games all revolving around candy canes? Well get started with the ultimate candy cane Olympics today! These are great games to get the entire family moving and laughing at your next party.

Christmas Tin Can Bowling

can bowling Christmas party games for a large group

I cannot get over how cute these cans are for Christmas tin can bowling. You can play individually, set up the game just for the kids, or split a large group into team members to play this simple but classic party game.

Grinch Grab Christmas Punch Game

grinch grab Christmas party games for a large group

The Grinch Grab Christmas Punch Game is going to be a huge hit for people of all ages at your next holiday party. It’s even a great one to use at your next office party. Who doesn’t like to punch something on the holidays? (I mean the holidays ARE wonderful and fun, but pretty stressful too right?)

Christmas Songs Game

christmas songs Christmas party games for a large group

How well do you know your Christmas songs? Use this Christmas songs game to test out your memory! We’ve all heard the same Christmas carols year after year for our entire lives. Whether it be in church, while walking around the mall, on the radio, or actually playing them ourselves. See how many of the lyrics stuck with this fun family game.

Christmas Song Emoji Game

emoji game Christmas party games for a large group

Gather your friends and family and use the emoji icons to guess the Christmas Song title. This Christmas Song Emoji game is so fun for kids of all ages and adults! Print this off for your next Christmas party and see who can guess the most song titles.

How to Play the Plastic Saran Wrap Ball Game

saran wrap Christmas party games for a large group

This game is popular for all sorts of gatherings but Christmas is the biggest gift-giving day of the year so it’s the perfect time to play the Saran Wrap Ball Game. You use two dice and when someone rolls doubles the next person in the circle gets a chance at unwrapping the ball full of various prizes until doubles is rolled again. This game is super cool, check this one out!

Christmas Minute to Win It Games

minute to win it Christmas party games for a large group

Are you familiar with Minute to Win it? If not, they are quick challenges where you have only one minute to accomplish a certain task. Like, tossing as many marshmallows across a table into a plastic cup for example.

 This Minute to win it Christmas version is one of the best Christmas games for lots of laughs and the creation of treasured memories.

80 Christmas Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

movie trivia Christmas party games for a large group

You’ll love this Christmas movie trivia game to play at any get-together around Christmas time. This game is perfect for adults and younger children alike because it is split into three categories: kids trivia, adult trivia, and classic Christmas movie trivia too!

How Many Words Can You Find in Merry Christmas Gamechristmas word game Christmas party games for a large group

For this super easy and fun way to bring all the family members together, all you will need is the free printables in this post and a pencil. Fun party games don’t have to be complex for everyone to have a good time with each other.

White Elephant Game with a Twist

white elephant Christmas party games for a large group

Remember me mentioning Christmas gift exchange ideas for your large group-style party? Well, how about this perfect White Elephant Game with a Twist? Everyone brings three gifts: something new, something old, and something made by you. Find out the rest of the fun rules too!

Free Printable Christmas Dice Game for Gift Exchanges

roll the dice Christmas party games for a large group

Are you planning a gift exchange for your party guests this year? Add some fun to your holiday gatherings with this free printable Christmas dice game sheet that is perfect for your holiday gift exchanges.

19 More Christmas Party Games

19 Christmas party games for a large group

Want a whole bundle of Christmas party games all in one? Download these free 19 fun and easy party games for your next Christmas party.

A couple of the games are duplicates from this list like the Saran Wrap Game and the Dice Game Gift Swap, but there are a lot of new games like the Ornament Spoon Relay and Do You Hear What I Hear?

Plus it’s kind of nice to download them all at once too. With hosting a large Christmas party this year, I bet you want to simplify things any way you can!

25 Super Fun Christmas Games

25 Christmas party games for a large group

If you are most interested in active party games that get your guests moving and laughing together this is the Christmas Party Game Bundle for you! These games are sure to bring a lot of laughs and smiles to your party guests’ faces.

40 Christmas Game Bundle Download

family Christmas party games for a large group

This is the biggest bundle of free Christmas games I could find for you! This collection features a Christmas scavenger hunt, would you rather, Pictionary, dinner table questions, Defend your favorite: this or that, and so so so many more!


Wrapping Up the Best Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

I can’t wait for you to get all your friends and family laughing together and making memories that last with some of these fun Christmas party games for large groups. Most are to perfect be played with a pretty large group, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them at a more intimate gathering as well.

All the games that require them come with free printables too so you can use these Christmas party games year after year if you like. Sometimes it’s fun to start a family tradition with one that is a huge hit.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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