When 2015 turned into 2016, I did not have a blog.

I thought a blog was a good idea… but I really didn’t know where to start. I threw the idea around in my head for a while. I didn’t really mention it to anyone, because very few of the people I spend time with even know what a blog is.

And then one day, in February, I came across a blog post that had a little timer embedded in it – counting down – only 4 more days till the whatever-it-was-promoting would be gone for another year.

A course about blogging.

Lemme tell you, I spent the next three days researching the heck out of this course. No way was I spending a penny without knowing what I was getting into. Because I didn’t actually have a blog.

I read over and over again, “this course might not be for you if you haven’t been blogging for at least a few months”. But I also read over and over again, “this course changed my blogging life”, “this course took me from zero to profitable”, “this course is the best thing I ever did”.

So of course I bought it. And then I figured out the blogging thing as I went. It was hard.

And was it worth it?

Well, just a few short months of (hard) work later, I have already published my first blog income report (read it here), I have over 120,000 readers per month stopping by my blog and I have just joined AdThrive – one of the premier ad networks in North America. I have totally recovered the cost of the course, and from here on out it’s all profit.

UPDATE: In October, just 8 months after starting a blog and taking EBA, I made over $5000 in one month with my blog. 

So yes. It was worth it.

Ruth Soukup – the brilliant lady behind Elite Blog Academy – is THE woman to learn from when it comes to building a profitable blog. (Her’s – www.livingwellspendingless.com is worth 7 figures as of this year I believe.)

So get on the waiting list for Elite Blog Academy (it’s not a commitment to buy it, they’re just gonna let you know when it’s available and send you amazing blogging tips in the meantime), and get Ruth’s newest E-book “7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight” for free. (Who knows, by the time the course comes out – in February – you might have already made enough money from your blog to pay for it. And that would be freaking. awesome.

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