Earning extra income from home – as a mom – can be life changing

And… it can also be really difficult. (I can say this with some certainty, as a mom who works from home.)

Generally, the hardest thing for ME is that my work requires my undivided attention – writing, editing, creating images… all these things mean I need to be able to sit down at the computer for a few hours at a time.

So when do I work?

Honestly, I have nap times + after my husband gets home, and sometimes late into the night – I don’t sleep much. It’s stressful, and challenging, and it means we sacrifice a lot of family time for our second income. That’s just how it is. I do love my job, and I’m not complaining, but I can see how an online or telephone job might not be ideal for a single parent or someone who already has limited family time.

I saw this pin on pinterest the other day, proclaiming starting a laundry business from home for extra income, and I sort of did a double take. That’s one I hadn’t thought of before.

But the more I DID think about it… the better it sounded.

Put the wash on – even if the kids are awake – and then play with them while the machine does all the “work” for you. If the kids are STILL awake an hour later… well, I’d bet they’d be fine watching TV for 10 whole minutes while you hang delicates and the rest can go into the dryer. Fold for an hour before bed… and you’ve done your work for the day. WOW.

(I had a little doubt about how much money a person could earn doing laundry from home as a side hustle… and I’ll admit my jaw dropped when I found you can earn up to $2800/month!)

Starting a laundry buisness really does seem like a perfect work from home job for BUSY moms. 

But I still had some questions (like… is it REALLY as easy as it sounds?) so Laundry Care, an organization that helps you set up your own laundry service and handles all of the paperwork – like billing clients for you, found a laundry service provider I could chat with to get the details.

Here’s my conversation with Betha, who has been a laundry service provider for a while now, and (spoiler alert) she earns between $400 and $700 PER WEEK.

How did you get start a laundry buisness as a work from home job? What made you decide this was the right fit for you?

It has always been a goal of mine to have my own laundry business.  I came from a family of 10 brothers and sisters and I have 4 children of my own and I have been doing laundry all my life.  I was good at it and realized I needed to get paid for what I did naturally. For the past 20 years I worked for a fundraising company, out of my home and it suddenly closed.  I knew this was the time to start my laundry business and continue to work out of my home with a flexible schedule.

How does this sort of side hustle fit into your everyday life? What has it allowed you to do? (I imagine it’s pretty flexible.)

Working for Laundry Care has given me the opportunity to help out with taking care of my grandchildren, I can arrange my laundry pick-ups and drop off around my morning schedule and be at home in the afternoon with the kids, if needed. They can be with me while I drive and continue to work.  They also enjoy helping and pretending with the laundry. 

Laundry Care allowed me to make some friendships with my clients.  They have come to trust me and Laundry Care and many have given me access to their homes, apartment buildings, garages or whatever makes it easy for both of us.  I cover a large area and I work with each client to set up a schedule that works for both of us.  Reminding them the night before also allows me to cancel or add pick ups so that I also allow time at home to process the laundry.

Scheduling time off for vacation or sick time is all handled by myself and gives me the control of running a business.

What sort of income are you able to earn providing a laundry service?

I started off with 5 clients since I was replacing someone that resigned suddenly. 

I have built up the business with the help of the Corporate Office and I now have several weekly, biweekly and “as needed” customers. I average between $400 – $700/ weekly.   This also includes a few personal clients that I continue to service on my own.  (I had been doing laundry for others in their home for a few years before starting with Laundry Care.)

Can you give us an idea of your expenses? Any tips for keeping them down?

My expenses vary.  I have the usual expenses of detergent, electricity, gas and machines. 
I have added to my original washer and dryer and now have 3 sets off washers and dryers.  I have bought all three sets Used on Craigs List to keep my costs down. 
I also take advantage of the reimbursement program that Corporate offers with Persil Detergent.  This guarantees clean laundry with an economical cost for detergent. 
I make my own stain spray, use wool balls for the dryer and Essential Oils on the wool balls for fragrance, if requested by the client.  Since I can use the dryer balls over and over to help dry and soften the clothes, I do not need to buy fabric softner or dryer sheets. 
I ask the clients to recycle hangers and again purchase used  hangers on Craigs list or get free from my local dry cleaners.  I work directly with one dry cleaner and he in turn helps me out.

Is there much risk involved in starting up your own laundry service? Most work from home businesses require at least some investment.

There was very little start up fee when I started and again I started with a few clients.  This made it a “no brainer” for me.  I could work doing laundry without having all the billing, marketing and advertising that comes with owning your own business.

Lastly, are there any tips you could share for other moms out there considering starting a laundry service to earn some income from home?

If you enjoy doing laundry and want to work from home, I would recommend joining Laundry Care.  It is a job that can fit into any life and you can work from home.  We (laundry processors) do not collect any payment from the customers. That is all handled by the Main Office and are paid weekly via Direct Deposit. 

If you’d like to start a laundry business from home, how do you do that?

Well, to be honest, anyone can just put up a sign and do laundry.

But, if you want to start a laundry business, but let someone else handle all the billing and marketing (the hardest things about having your own business) and offer constant support as you grow your side hustle, then you should know that getting started with Laundry Care costs exactly $30.

This way you have the freedom and flexibility to schedule around your daily life –  but you also have a team of support so you’re not alone. Laundry Care takes care of clients questions before signing up for service, processing payments, and they assist if an issue should ever arise.

To get started as a Laundry Care Provider the first step is to submit an application via the Applicant Portal.

They will want to make sure you meet the following requirements:
  • At least 21 years old
  • Have a valid driver’s license and the ability to provide pick-up and delivery.
  • Have a fully functioning washer & dryer.
  • Understand instructions on care labels including symbols.
  • Can fulfill ironing and air drying requests.
  • Able to lift and carry up to 40lbs.
  • Has not been convicted of a felony.
  • Has a smartphone and access to reliable internet.
  • Lives in an area they service or are interested in servicing.
Once your application is approved you will receive a text notification and join Laundry Care for a Video Interview.
  • Once you’ve passed the Video Interview stage you are then sent a text notification to log back in and complete on-boarding. This consists of the following steps:
  • Sign the Contract
  • Submit a W9
  • Purchase your supply kit (30$) – this includes 5 Laundry Care bags, 10 garment covers, and 10 bag tags – which is everything you need to start accepting clients (minus detergent of course)
  • Complete the direct deposit form
  • List a backup provider (typically a friend or family member in case you have an emergency)
  • Input your availability
  • Submit your Facebook email (this is so that you can be invited to our secret Provider Facebook group and connect with other Providers, plus receive announcements and tips from the Home Office)
Once all steps are completed they’ll review everything to be sure nothing was missed. Then you receive a text notification letting you know you can login to your work desk and the Laundry Care Connection.  (The work desk is where you can see client details and submit service tickets for payment, and the Laundry Care Connection is a website for Providers that offers 24hr support.)
At this point you’ve become an active Provider, and your service area is added to the Laundry Care system – so that clients in your service area know your service is available.  When a client signs up in your area, they’ll send you a text notification and you can accept or decline the job. It’s THAT easy!
You can check out more frequently asked questions and read more Provider testimonies HERE on the Laundry Care website
start a laundry business to earn extra income as a stay at home mom