natural anxiety relief and remedies you should be trying NOW

I’ve been using natural anxiety relief methods as long as I can remember.

From a child with night terrors to an adult who has fled public places (yes – that is embarrassing!), anxiety has been a constant in my life.

Sometimes it’s just a pressure, a slight but irritating and relentless pressure. Other times, it’s like the air is being squeezed out of my lungs and the dark is flooding my brain. Sometimes when I least expect it, I am overwhelmed by panic and hopelessness. I have been on the hunt for reliable natural anxiety relief my whole life.

And I have found many great natural remedies for anxiety over the years!

Despite the fact that I am not “cured” (and doubt that I ever will be) I live a GREAT life. Learning to manage my anxiety has made a huge difference!

My anxiety is, for the most part, under control – all by means of natural remedies. It’s no longer debilitating like it once was… years of digging into natural anxiety relief strategies have paid off and I am excited to tell you that I control my anxiety WITHOUT chemical medication. It’s a constant effort, but one that is fully worth it and pays dividends.

(I am in no way saying that medications don’t have a place or that you shouldn’t consider them. I personally don’t want to be on medication, and that’s why I have sought out natural remedies for anxiety. There are times when medication just isn’t the best option – like when you are pregnant, or breastfeeding, or when you suffer side effects from medications. I’m sharing my experiences with these natural anxiety treatments in case you don’t want to go down the medication route, or if you can’t take medications, or in case medication just isn’t working for you. You need to know that there is HOPE beyond chemical treatments!)

I’ve shared most of my anxiety story on this blog before, in a series of different articles, but now I want to compile all the suggestions I have for living with anxiety in one place – one easy to find reference for you to use on your journey to find natural anxiety relief.

As you read through the following pages that detail TONS of awesome natural remedies for anxiety, keep your mind open to trying new things. If you want to live free from expensive and possibly dangerous medications but still keep your anxiety under control, you will probably have to make some changes.

Embrace the changes. An anxiety free life is worth it!


It’s always hard, even more so when you have anxiety, to think about making big changes in your life.

My therapist told me once that she doesn’t believe people change… unless something makes them so uncomfortable that there is no choice BUT change. (I’ve certainly seen the truth of this in my own life.)

When my anxiety became so debilitating that I couldn’t live that way any longer, that’s when I started making changes. So when you read here that cardio is great for anxiety, and you think you’d rather do anything BUT go for a run, just open your mind enough to try it. And when you think that I am absolutely crazy for saying that sugar wreaks havoc on our hormones and causes anxiety… don’t make excuses to eat another cookie!

I understand how hard that can be!

Give yourself a CHANCE to live a life not controlled by anxiety. You can make changes, you can do hard things. (And, to be honest, most of the changes you might need to make to treat your anxiety in a natural way aren’t even that hard.)

Great Ways to find natural anxiety relief:

Following is a list of some of the most beneficial things you can do for your anxiety, and there are multitudes of tips and things to consider within each linked article. And, while I DO believe there is a place for medication, these are all NATURAL ways to combat anxiety.

Consider your diet – and the relationship between food, hormones + anxiety:

Sugar, simple carbs, and caffeine can all contribute to anxiety. It’s a complex subject, because our bodies are complex systems.

Anxiety is often a hormonal problem and sugars / carbs / alcohol and caffeine have strong effects on our hormones. Changing the way I ate was one thing that brought about the single most drastic change in my anxiety. My random panic attacks vanished. 

When we feed our bodies crap, we aren’t allowing them the tools they need to function properly.

Read the whole story here:  Anxiety and Diet

Natural supplements can help to control anxiety: 

Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Our diets are often so very lacking in basic nutrients that our bodies don’t even have the building blocks they need to remain physically healthy, let alone keep our brains healthy. Basic vitamins can help with anxiety.

Some of the best natural supplements for anxiety include:

This is only a partial list of supplements that provide natural anxiety relief, and I have tried LOTS of them. I’ve written about my experiences with these supplements here: Natural Supplements for Anxiety.

Exercise can provide wonderful natural anxiety relief:

Cardio is crazy helpful for regulating our happy hormones (and helping our bodies to produce MORE happy hormones), but also for controlling the UNHAPPY hormones. I couldn’t fathom the change to my life that a little running would bring. Read more about that here  What can Exercise do for Anxiety?

Therapy – obviously – is a great non-medication form of anxiety treatment:

I know that not everyone can afford therapy, and not all therapists are good. I’ve written what I think is the MOST beneficial tip for dealing with anxiety mentally here: Do Not Feed The Fears.

If you don’t read any other articles on this page in your search for natural anxiety relief, I hope you do read that one.

Gain an understanding of Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks:

You might not believe it, but understanding what’s happening – even if you don’t fully understand why it’s happening – can make a HUGE difference. I talk about what the common anxiety disorders ARE and what panic attacks ARE and ARE NOT in these articles:

Understanding Anxiety Disorders
Understanding Panic Attacks

Get support from your friends and family:

Anxiety isn’t always an easy thing to talk about, and it’s really hard for someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves to understand. I have some practical tips for talking with your family and friends (and explaining to them how they can support you) anxiety here:  Talking About Anxiety.


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Can you suggest any other tried and natural remedies for anxiety?

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