Easter egg decorating was always my favorite Easter tradition.

My grandma and mom were NEVER too busy to make time to make a fun (and memorable) mess decorating eggs with us… and it’s something that stands out to me to this day. We didn’t just dip eggs in colored water either. We did the whole thing – we painted, we glued, we taped.

And we started by blowing out the eggs (if you’ve never done this, Red Ted Art has a GREAT tutorial on how to do it.) It’s totally worth while, because your eggs last forever. Or for years at least. I still have…most of… this one from when I was about 10.

easter egg decorating ideas for kids

(Actually you can’t tell how badly it’s broken in this picture. I know it’s just a thing and I should let it go, but I just love the memories attached to it. I did a good job of remembering it was just a thing when my husband crunched it earlier this year.)

My point is, it’s lasted for 20 years because it was blown out. And if you’re gonna put this kind of effort into your eggs, you might want to be able to hang on to some of those masterpieces!

Hunting down all these fun Easter egg decorating ideas gave me itchy egg decorating fingers… and I’m going to have to borrow my nieces to do some decorating this year (- the squishy baby is still just a little to tiny to care at all about Easter eggs).

Check out these awesome Easter egg decorating ideas for kids and some for bigger kids (otherwise known as adults). Make time to make some memories with your little people… that is MUCH more important in the long run than having a perfect dinner prepared or getting the entire house spotless for company.

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25 AWESOME Easter egg decorating ideas:

(Click the photo or the link below for instructions.)

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♥ DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs from Studio DIY

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(AND 5 more gorgeous Easter egg decorating ideas from the same ladies)

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