Yes, Flights to LONDON at CHRISTMAS for $778.00 (CAN) return

This one’ll be short and sweet – especially sweet if you’re hunting for a cheap flight for your next holiday. I’m always raving about how ITA matrix can get you to where you’re going cheaper than ever before… and I just want to give you guys a quick example – it occurred to me I’ve never told you about how we flew to London last year over Christmas for $778.00 return.

AT CHRISTMAS. My husband is originally from England, and we (try to) go every other Christmas to stay with his family and catch up with everyone. We have paid as much as $1100.00 per person before, and as little as $900.00, but we have never, ever, gone over the holidays for less than $800.00 per person. (Sometimes in the off season you can get flights for $700.00.)


How’d we do it?

But ITA matrix and Skyscanner have changed all that for us. It wasn’t even hard. First I searched on ITA Matrix for flights from all airports in our area to all airports within 500 miles of London, and I made the departure and return windows as wide as I could. (For example, leaving anywhere between Dec 7 and Dec 12, Returning anywhere between Dec 28 and Jan 2).

And ITA Matrix came back with flights to Copenhagen from Edmonton for $660.00 return.

So then I searched flights from Copenhagen to all London airports (and airports within 75 miles of London) and found a return flight for $118.00. (Remember if you do this, you need to leave plenty of connection time. Your fights will be booked separately and therefore no airline will care if you miss their flight due to a delay.)

Flights to London, over Christmas, for $778.00. (Including checked bags! It wouldn’t have been a deal if we had to pay $25.00 per person each way on TWO airlines… and even I, the queen of traveling light, need one checked back for England at Christmas. It’s cold. There’s parties. It’s busy and there isn’t a bunch of free days to wash clothes.

Less money on flights = more money for experiences

So, what did we do with our savings of (at least) $250.00 – $500.00? We spent two nights in Copenhagen, and checked out a city we’ve never been to before. (One of my favorite things to do.) It cost us more than $250.00, of course, because Copenhagen is the most expensive place I have ever been. But it was awesome, and something we definitely wouldn’t have been able to do if we had spent the full $900.00 (or $1100.00) per person on flights.

I used this exact same method to snag our flights to Oahu last year for less than $400.00 per person, and again this year to get us to Maui for less than $350.00 each!

Try it.

And let me know if you need help 🙂 (I do have a more in depth post on this subject → How to use ITA Matrix.) To save even more, have you considered Travel Hacking? We travel hacked our way to Maui for FREE this year – (yes those flights I found were worth $350.00 each, but we didn’t pay that!)

Happy flight hunting!

(BTW, if you’re travelling to the UK you can  book parking for you car in the UK here!)