Heading to the beach is relaxing and fun, and the perfect spot for the entire family to enjoy time together. However, the beach with a baby requires a little more preparation and can be a lot less fun if you don’t bring the right items to keep your bundle of joy happy and healthy. With these beach essentials for baby in hand, your little beach bum will have the time of his or her life.


13 Beach Essentials For Baby

Don’t hit the beach without this baby beach gear. Trust me, you will thank yourself later when everyone is happy and enjoying the day.

One thing to consider when you are packing everything to take with you is that you will want to make sure you have enough hands to carry everything. 🙂 The great news is that most of these beach essentials for baby will easily fit in a beach tote or waterproof diaper bag.

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This is one of the most important things you need to bring with you. Your baby’s skin is so delicate and can burn very quickly and easily. We all know how painful sunburns can be—it’s the last thing you want for your child.

Not only is the sunburn painful, but it can also increase your child’s risk for melanoma later in life too. Plus, keep in mind that your little ones do not sweat the same way adults do, so you absolutely need to take breaks frequently from the sun and heat.

The sun is most potent from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. You can get a sunburn any time of day, but this is when your chance is even higher. Make sure to reapply the sunblock frequently to ensure your baby is protected.

For a baby older than 6 months, you should look for sunblock with SPF of at LEAST 30 for ideal protection. If your baby is under 6 months old, they should not wear sunblock, but instead wear layers to keep them covered in the heat.

Personally, we really like this sunscreen that’s SPF 50. This brand has an adult version of sunscreen that we LOVE (it’s this right here) and I was thrilled to find out they made a version for babies and kids too. It’s plant-based, and approved by pediatricians and dermatologists.

Protective Clothing

Another great way to keep your baby protected is by using protective clothing. This will not only help fight the effects of the sun, but also the sand. I recommend at least a hat and a rash guard bathing suit. You can get these in a matching set, and there are some darling options out there (take a look at this one!)

And yes, I fully acknowledge that sometimes keeping a hat on your babies head isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, if you can keep it on their head, it is well worth the effort as it will keep their face, ears, and head from sunburn.

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I also think it is worth it to have a pair of sunglasses on hand for your little one too—if you get the kind that has a goggle strap, it’s harder for them to take off. I really liked this brand because they come with the goggle strap and there are TONS of color options to choose from.


First of all, a disclaimer. A beach floaty is not a substitute for your full attention while your little one is in the water. However, for babies who can hold their own heads up, a beach floaty can allow them to enjoy the water more while relieving your arm muscles.

I highly recommend buying one that has a sunshade over it (this one is adorable) to help prevent any sunburns. Remember, your baby needs frequent breaks from the sun!

Alternatively, if your baby is already pretty well covered, you can consider a floaty like this one. It looks quite comfortable and is suitable for babies as young as three months.

Swim Diaper

Playing in the water is a blast, but it’s much better when your child has a swim diaper. There are so many out there to choose from. Most brands of diaper have a disposable version (we like Huggies, so we’d go with these ones) and just toss it when it gets dirty. Or you could go with a reusable cloth swim diaper if that is what you like best. You can find some super affordable ones on Amazon.

If you have never used a swim diaper before, you should know that when your baby pees it will leak out. It’s not meant to hold in liquid like that. However, when there is poop involved, they are specially made to keep it from leaking out. That is a great thing! 🙂

Large Blanket

Having a giant blanket is ideal when you are spending the day on the sand. It will protect you from the hot sand and give you a place to dry off when you are wet.

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Plus, it provides the baby with a safe place to move around when they need a break from the water or sand. Not all babies love the feel of sand either, so this is an excellent space for baby to play.

There are lots of blankets out there, and most will work. I prefer to buy the sand-free beach blankets; just make sure you go with one that’s highly rated like this one.


It might be a given, but towels are easy to forget when you go on an adventure. This beach essential for baby has multiple uses—not only can the dry the baby off, but they also can be used as a blanket in case she gets cold after a swim. You can use the towel to lightly brush sand from your babies legs and arms too.

These cute little hooded towels are soft, budget-friendly, and have a TON of design options so you should definitely take a look.

Wet Bags

Wet bags are one of the beach essentials for baby that you’ll also use. It’s super handy to have a place you can store wet bathing suits in without getting everything else soaked. Plus, you can put a dirty reusable swim diaper or bib in them too and keep them away from the clean stuff you brought.

I really liked these ones because they have a double zipper and cute design options.

Beach Bag

You are going to want to have a large, easy to handle beach bag with you. This will help you get everything from the car to the location you are spending the day at. And it is the perfect way to keep everything neat and organized.

Of course, you can use a regular diaper bag if you wish, but there are tons of beach bags made with baby in mind that have the advantage of being waterproof.

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While I’m sure it’s possible to get something cute AND functional, it’s much easier to find something that is one or the other. For functional, I really liked this bag because it has SO many pockets and it’s waterproof. This bag was definitely cute, but maybe not as functional.

Baby Beach Pool

It’s nice to have a beach pool for your baby because you may not always want them in the water depending on where you are at (this one is SUPER cheap). It gives your baby a safe place to play in the water without as much worry. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your arms getting tired from holding the baby in the water.

Many versions easily fold up, so they aren’t big or bulky. They can just slide in a pocket on your beach bag. Plus, there are so many cute ones that also have a shade shelter built in (like this cute whale one), which I love!

Snacks and Water

Don’t forget to bring some snacks for the baby and your entire family. Being outside in the sun and weather can make you extra hungry. You can tote some crackers, gummies, fresh fruit, or anything else you want to bring along.

Make sure you load up on water too. As everyone gets hot, they can quickly become dehydrated, so drink up! Water is one of the most important beach essentials for baby and the whole family.

Remember, babies under six months do not need water—they only consume breast milk or formula. But whether you are a breastfeeding mama or are bottle feeding your baby, water is essential to have on hand.

Water Shoes

If your baby is old enough to walk, you will want some water shoes. It will help keep her tiny feet from getting burnt or cut from items in the sand. Look for a pair that has a good sole when shopping, like these ones here. Thankfully, they are lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space in your bag either.

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Umbrella or Shade Cover

There isn’t always a shady spot to relax at the beach. Bring an umbrella as a beach essential for baby so she can get cooled off and out of the direct sun frequently. A nice benefit to an umbrella that s shade doesn’t have is that it’s easier to fit chairs or whatever else you want under it. This one is pretty large and meant for the beach.

Alternatively, a shade is probably better at actually shading your baby, and offers more protection from the elements in general. We personally have this one here.

Plus, your older kids, your spouse and yourself will all appreciate having a space to recharge and cool down as well!


I’m sure if your baby could talk, he or she would tell you that snacks and fun beach toys are the most essential items to bring to the beach! Bring some toys that can hold water or sand, and your baby will have a blast. This beach toy set comes with a mesh bag which makes it super simple to travel around with.

As you can see, these beach essentials for baby aren’t complicated or expensive. With a little planning, you and your baby will have the best beach trip ever! 🙂

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