This is a guest post by Catherine Treme – Personal Finance Blogger & Life Lover –  who blogs at My Work Money Life. After an eternity (5 years, 6 months, 2 days) of struggling in a corporate job that practically sucked the life out of her, she decided to embrace a career change and tackle blogging! 

My Closet Organization Woes

If you’re anything like me you often feel over worked, under paid and struggle to keep life organized. Well, look no further because I have found a solution to keep life organized! Wait, who am I kidding? I still struggle to keep my life organized (just not clothes organization anymore). I don’t care what stage of life you’re in, this space issue seems to be an ongoing issue with no resolution (I always was under the impression there was closet monsters or something). Not only did I not have the space in my tee-n-i-e apartment but I didn’t have the money to get a fancy bedroom set either.

Every morning, it was the same story. Some clothes halfway folded in the floor, some hung up and then some dirty. After accepting that the sniff test was not conducive to a young professional’s life, I decided I needed some cheap closet hacks in order to get my life in order (well, at least with respect to closet organization) in a really big (yet simple) way.

And I’ve found 3 BIG pros of closet Organization:

A) I know exactly where everything is, even on rushed mornings.

B) This open concept system helps me know when it’s time to start thinking about laundry again. (Who wants to not have a clean pair of knickers when there’s only 20 minutes before you have to be somewhere?)

C) It doesn’t cost you your first born in order to get it (a.k.a. it’s cheaper)!

Here are my closet organization hacks:

1 ) Hanging Sweater & Shelf Organizer – They call it the sweater organizer, but I like to put my clothes for the week in there. That way in the morning when something goes wrong (because let’s face it, something always goes wrong when you’re trying to get out the door on time) and you need to save that extra 10-15 minutes in the morning to save you from hunting down an unwrinkled shirt or doing the sniff test to see if it is in fact clean but just ‘forgot’ to put it up from doing laundry the night before. Also, if you look on the sides, there are pockets in there so you can put watches, necklace, etc in there so you don’t have to hunt for that either! Closet Organization Hack Cost – $8.00

closet organization

2 ) Shoe Organizer– Here again, different purpose. I never liked putting my shoes up, I always found it more convenient to have them on the floor for a quicker exit strategy in the morning (that extra 2 seconds means the world in the morning). I used this for storage for my bras, underwear, socks and bathing suits. As you can see there is plenty of room for more! Closet Organization Hack Cost – $7.00closet organization

3 ) Waterfall Hangers – I think they’re technically called attachable hangers but during my retail days in college we called it “waterfall hangers”. Either way, attaching the hangers saved SO MUCH SPACE! If you had a full closet, you literally use 1/6 the space. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than renovating your closet or getting rid of some clothes (only to buy more clothes later because “you don’t have anything to wear”). Now, I’m not extreme and I don’t “waterfall” my entire closet – just the items that I’m not going to be using during that season (because let’s face it, I think I’ve already proven that I’m not a fan of doing extra work). Closet Organization Hack Cost – $10.30 / Pack of 6

closet organization

Wrapping Up

Basically, this closet organization method has been a life savor for me. It’s incredibly cost effective; it gives me a full view of my clean clothes inventory and easy access to my clothes in the mornings. (As I’m sure you can probably tell by now, not a fan of mornings.)

Thank you for reading. I feel honored that you decided to spend a few minutes with me and I hope that this post has helped you out! Let me know what you think, maybe you have had a cool closet hack that helped you out? I want to hear all about it and hey, you never know, it may help someone else out!

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