I hate breakfast.

The hardest thing for me to accept in my journey to live a healthier life? Eating first thing in the morning. I know I’m not alone… I’ve talked to tons of people that hate breakfast.

O how I hate breakfast. Always have. I don’t know why… I’ve never been a morning person (like, really. really. not) and getting myself up 20 (or 3 1/2) minutes earlier to cook a “healthy breakfast” is not something I am gonna do.

But I am also not going to pour a bowl of sugar covered grains drowning in milk (ew. juice from a cow) into my stomach either. I seriously miss the days when I could consider toast an acceptable  way to start the day. (We are grain-free now, and it’s been very worth it for us!)

I want to do the best for my body, and give myself the best shot I can at overall health. But I really hate breakfast.

Rock and a hard place here.

For years my solution was to just… not eat breakfast. Bad for my blood sugar, bad for my energy, bad for my metabolism.

I  never would have guessed that falling in love with running would be the thing that would bring breakfast into my life. Well, actually it brought a trainer into my life who looked at my food journal and told me I wasn’t taking in sufficient nutritional calories for “normal brain function”. I thought that was a little harsh… I took in plenty of calories! It just turned out that a lot of them were sort of… empty. Wine, chocolate, fries and gravy are apparently not really “food”.  But I thought really hard about what he said. If I wasn’t getting enough nutrition on a daily basis for my brain to work right, what was happening to my body? I had terrible hypoglycemia, usually shaky and fuzzy headed by noon. I had bad anxiety. I was weak, like, physically really weak – despite my attempts at the gym. Oh, and I was tired often / had trouble sleeping. (But other than that I thought I felt pretty much Ok.)

I (grumpily) promised that breakfast would be added to my daily list of chores, and since I wasn’t going to enjoy it anyhow I decided I would make that breakfast as freaking nutritional as possible. So, no sugar, no grains, no enjoying it.

I finally joined the smoothie revolution

At first I figured some sort of healthy cereal with fruit would probably be the way to go… since I had no other good ideas that didn’t require early morning cooking (veggie omelette = no). I found this Q’ia cereal (which I actually really enjoyed and is great for the gluten free crowd) but it does require about 5 minutes of cooking and that got old for me really fast. Plus I was finding it a little on the expensive side to be eating regularly. (We still buy it as once-in-a-while thing, and then I make it with chocolate chips in it. Yum.)

I’ve had a little blender (a magic bullet) for years that I’ve never quite figured out what to do with, but I always kept it during my de-cluttering sessions, knowing someday it would come in handy. I seriously don’t know why I’ve been sooo resistant to the smoothie revolution. They just really didn’t appeal to me… but in my desperation to keep my breakfast promise and treat my body well I broke down.

I decided that I would smoothie. And it would be a healthy smoothie. After much trial and error, I finally found one that I can enjoy. It literally keeps me full until supper time, so I have to remind myself to eat lunch. And EVERYTHING in it is good for you – the milk kefir is home made so it’s sugar and additive free, the seeds are powerhouses of fiber, omega 3s, and nutrients. The VEGA One powder is the only shake mix I’ve been able to find that I feel totally comfortable putting in my body. I use half the recommended amount because I’m adding it to all this other stuff and I really don’t need more than that. Plus then it costs half as much 😉 And the chlorella is an amazing anti-oxidant and provides TONS of minerals and vitamins.

My super food breakfast smoothie – you’re gonna love it!

3/4 cup milk kefir
1/2 cup fresh or frozen berries
1 Tbsp. chia seeds
1 Tbsp flax seeds
1 Tbsp hemp hearts – I love Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods
3 Tbsp RAW pumpkin seeds
handful of spinach or baby kale
1/2 scoop VEGA One protein powder
1 Tsp Chlorella powder
1/2 cup water ← (why add anything else? I don’t want anymore dairy than what’s in the kefir, and I don’t need the sugar in juice)

When my back is bugging me, I also add 1 Tbsp of Turmeric everyday (yes, just the spice, from a bag. I wrote a post about this!) It definitely changes the flavor of the smoothie to … less yummy, but I find the benefits are totally worth it – less stiff and sore is always great.

I can not believe how breakfast has grown on me. Not hot breakfast that I need to spend lots of time on, but this breakfast smoothie, because it is easy and SO very healthy. My hypoglycemia improved, my anxiety improved (pumpkin seeds are apparently excellent for that!), my running improved. And so did my sleeping, but maybe that’s because I run more?

What would you add to this smoothie to give it even more health promoting power?

super food breakfast smoothie