More of a thought provoking post than an action provoking post

I love Pinterest. I love pinning and clicking and reading. I also love the perspective it gives me, like a window to the rest of the world. You can see what “all the other people” out there are pinning and clicking and reading.

I love that so many of us seem to be interested in fixing our finances, and that healthy living or uplifting pins are saved thousands of times. I love that truly inspirational quotes or quotes that share the love of Jesus are a dime a dozen, and all you have to do is search “quotes” to get some of that uplifting-ness right on your Pinterest board.

But there is also a sad side of Pinterest. Today, this came into my feed.


And it made me think… is this true of me? I mean…over TEN THOUSAND people saved this to their Pinterest boards, is this true of all those people? Is this something they are proud of, and will post for the world to see?

I like to consider myself “actually really nice”. (There are times when I’ve failed miserably at this, but it’s something I strive for.)

But when I get annoyed, and I become “not really nice” then is that something for me to be proud of and point out to other people?

Am I the only one that thinks this is really sad (and sort of pathetic)? Am I misunderstanding it completely? I have been mean because I have been annoyed before. And I have regretted it every. single. time. I most certainly don’t want this sentiment to be something I need to affirm or broadcast about myself.

Maybe this is written in shame?

I sort of don’t think so.

Don’t be that girl

Whoever wrote this quote (or re-pinned it) needs to read Mean Girls by Haley DiMarco. I absolutely love this book, and it really makes you think about the whole “I can be nasty because I want to” attitude so many us of develop at some point in our lives. (Or at the very least they should read How to Win Friends and Influence People – spoiler alert. This is one of the best selling books of all time, and he never suggests “not nice when annoyed” as a trait that will get you anywhere.)

If you’ve ever related to a quote like this one, then can I just ask you to re-think that? Don’t be the girl (or guy, for that matter) who’s proud of her nasty side. The world needs more kind people, not more people who think it’s all about them and that being “annoyed” gives them free license to be mean. There is no place for this sort of attitude in a live lived on purpose, with intention.

Are you really nice until someone annoys you?

… don’t be that girl