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Blog Income Reports

Blog Income Reports are a Fascinating and Controversial Thing If you can trust the blog income reports you’re reading (I wish everyone was honest, but that’s not the case) there is really no better way for a beginner...

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: December

I have almost totally ignored my blog for exactly one month as of Christmas day (so for more like 6 weeks as of the time this is posted)! This will be short, because my blogging time is short. And oh my, this is an income report I am excited about. NOT because I made a ton of money or had wicked awesome page views. I made less money and had over 40k fewer page views than I did in November.

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: November 2016

I had always HOPED that I could make a living blogging, and I had HOPED that I could generate enough passive income to make it “worth the effort” – but until this past week I have been putting in about 1000% effort. (Not kidding, I’m talking about 6-10 hours per day, every day, for the past 8 months.) Waking and sleeping (yes, even in my dreams) I have been blogging.

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: October 2016

I can’t quite comprehend what happened in October. I’ve been blogging for just 8 months. I’m doing lots of it wrong. I’m still breaking a bunch of the “rules”, because I honestly don’t know any better. And yet, I’m making money.

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