I recently had a comment by a reader on one of my posts that said she often makes 20$ here and there from taking paid online surveys.

Then I read a post by a blogger (that I know and trust) who claims she makes up to $100/month doing surveys.

And then I saw a post in a blogger forum where someone mentioned that they made $125/month (specifically with Product Report Card).

If I could have an extra hundred dollars a month just for answering some questions on my phone…

Well, I wondered if I should perhaps be doing some of these surveys. An extra hundred bucks is an extra hundred bucks. (I know people who claim they make a thousand dollars per month, but I think they must spend A LOT of time doing surveys.)

So if you’re stuck on the couch breastfeeding, have a broken leg, a husband who likes to watch Ice Road Truckers while you sit with him – or any other variation of “have some time to kill” then maybe you wanna try some of these companies out too.

I’ve researched and signed up with a few (there aren’t a lot of GREAT looking companies that are available to Canadians, but I’ve listed the best reviewed ones for Americans here as well. For any readers in Australia, my friend Emma has written this post on Australia online surveys)! Since it’s free join them – check them out!

  • If the online surveys ask you for money, RUN AWAY. Those are scams.
  • Join many surveys and try them all out a couple times to see which ones are worth your time. You want to be making the best use of your time! (Although I have included in this list only companies that are legit – some of them might not be programs you qualify for.)
  • Mouse clicking will never be the best way to make money from home. If you are in need of some real cash and have some time to invest, read 5 side hustles to make you money immediately, or Real work from home options (for people who are serious about escaping 9-5).

Online Surveys That Pay You for Your Opinion

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie points can actually be redeemed for CASH into your paypal account – or you can opt for gift cards if you prefer. (But… cash is better not?)

Join Survey Junkie Here (Americans, Canadians, British and Australians)

Survey Club

Survey Club actually pays CASH into your paypal account, and you can take up to three “general” (meaning most people will qualify for them) surveys per day.

Join Survey Club Here (ALL nationalities)

Clear Voice Surveys & Product Report Card

Both of these companies also offer real cash and gift cards.

Join Clear Voice Surveys Here (Americans)
Join Product Report Card Here (most nationalities)


VIP Voice

With VIP Voice you earn entries into sweepstakes (and points) that you can use to win vacations, electronics, gift cards and other great prizes. You earn triple reward points for taking your first survey, and upon registration, you will be entered into $1000 sweepstakes. (NOT as good as cash, in my opinion, but still worth signing up for the sweepstakes entry alone.)

Join VIP Voice Here (Americans)
Join VIP Voice Here (Canadians)

Bonus Company: ShopTracker

This one is awesome, but is only available to Americans. It’s just an app that you download that helps companies understand what people are buying online. Connect this app to your Amazon account and get a $3 virtual visa for downloading it. (To qualify you MUST have an amazon account.) So it’s basically 3$ cash just for 2 minutes, and they’ll give you 3$ every 30 days. That’s 36$ / year for a few minutes per month. Why is everyone not doing this!? 

Join ShopTracker Here (Americans)

Bonus Company: Nielsen Digital Voice

This one isn’t actually just a survey company either – it’s also an app you install on your computer that you have running while you surf the web. For as long as you keep the app installed, you earn entries to sweepstakes every month. They say that as an active member, you can win up to $1,000 each month. It’s a pretty low level of involvement, (all you’re doing is surfing the web!) and as a member of Nielsen Digital Voice, you may occasionally be invited to take special surveys. For your participation, you’ll earn bonus entries into their Sweepstakes or cash rewards. Nielsen is a trusted company, and I tried to join this one, but no Canadians allowed. Boo!!

Join Nielsen Digital Voice Here (Americans)

Do you regularly use any paid online surveys to make pocket money? Are there any other companies that you know and trust that I should add to this list?


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