I don’t know what this header should say.

I mean I have some ideas, but “beware my slightly bad advice” just isn’t going to draw you in to read the post – is it?

We’re talking about making money blogging without an email list. We’re talking about something that most people would agree is  a) not easy and b) not wise.

We’re talking about something that most bloggers don’t bother talking about – they say, “just be patient, grow your list and income will follow”.

Here’s the thing:

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat. (Stupid stupid stupid saying.) But there’s some truth in it.

Beware my slightly bad advice:

Before I say another word I am going to make a big fat disclaimer. Just because you CAN make money blogging with out an email list (yes, you can) doesn’t mean that you don’t need an email list.

An email list is the only thing in your blogging life that you have even slight control over. It’s the only thing that can’t (usually) be snatched out of your grasp in an instant.  But my goodness, it takes time to build a dedicated list and there’s no reason at all that you shouldn’t make some money while you’re waiting.

I am working – hard, sort of – on building my email list now… but I haven’t put much effort into it this far in my blogging career.

But that hasn’t prevented me from making money – good money – with my blog. (You can read my income reports here.)

Just please, don’t be lazy and complacent when it comes to working on your list… like I was. I let the list building thing fall to the wayside because it didn’t feel necessary. But it is, if you ever want a stable income. THAT is the important thing to remember.

Grab my free guide – 3 Strategies to Make Money Blogging (with an email list)

I believe bloggers shouldn’t have to wait three years before they can start seeing an income from blogging – you’re working hard! You should be making some money while you build your list. (Believe me, I would have quit – before I really got started – if I didn’t see some real money in the first few months!)

I’ve put together a free mini guide for anyone who wants to know how I’ve managed to make thousands of dollars every month without an email list. 

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To get it?

All you gotta do is join my list 😉 (See what I did there?)

(Don’t worry – I don’t rely on my blog list to make me my income… so I don’t need to spam you. You’ll only hear from me on Mondays and the very odd special note!)

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how to make money blogging without an email list