You wanna learn to blog?

I wanted to start a blog SO badly, but I felt very stuck. I am maybe the only 30 year year old woman in the western world who did not take one single computer class in high school. I can not work excel to save my life. Sometimes I look at my fingers when I type. And I totally built this blog from scratch, by myself. See that little purple heart up there in the tab of this page – on the top of the computer screen? I made it, and I installed it up there… by myself. (I realize that for those of you who know that’s called a favicon and already know how to make and install one, this is none too impressive. But please, I’m talking to the other people here ???? The people like me.) I am making money – real money – in less than 6 months of creating this blog. And I did it without telling any of my friends and family about it. All my blog traffic has come from strangers out there in “internet world”. It is one of my most proudest accomplishments, and I want you to be able to have that too.

 Over the coming Posts I will walk you through

  • Why you can’t “start a profitable blog in 15 minutes”, despite what other tutorials say. (I’m gonna be brutally honest).
  • The mindset you need to create for yourself – if you are computer confused and technology troubled.
  • Choosing a niche and a domain name (and what those things are!)
  • Setting up a self hosted blog on wordpress. (And what self hosted means and why you need a self hosted blog).
  • I’ll tell you about the theme I’m using to get around coding. I can’t code anything, and you don’t have to either.
  • Designing and writing a blog that people WANT to read. (I have had over 125,000 readers in the past month alone.)
  • I’ll tell you about the stupid mistakes I made that cost me tons of time and money (so you can avoid them).
  • How to get real traffic to your blog. It’s not fun having no one read what you write.
  • Why YOU do not need to worry about the “new pinterest algorithm” (if this is gibberish to you, disregard it for now!)
  • Why you need an email list (and how to collect and run one if you are technology troubled).
  • Why you shouldn’t necessarily purchase all the courses and tools out there right away, even if they look helpful.
  • What it actually takes to run a profitable blog
  • How to monetize your blog (and how to find those streams of monetization!)
  • How to find the information you need to keep learning.
  • And so much more!

I will be publishing all this information 100% for FREE, because starting a profitable blog is notfree (but it’s not expensive either) and I know it can be daunting to look at putting out any more money at all (when it’s all so overwhelming). Get on the email list now for this series, and I will send you a quick email every time a new post is published in this series with a link to the published posts and some extra tips and tricks that WON’T be published on the blog. We can build your blog together, even if you are computer confused or technology troubled.

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