When you start blogging, it feels like there are about 157 things that you need to do

First there’s blog design and then there’s structure and content creation and promotion – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, SEO, StumbleUpon, link parties, then there’s email list growth (which means choosing an ESP and learning to create opt ins and nurturing your list) and then comes product creation – and it feels never ending.

Not to mention that in the midst of these things you’re trying to learn WordPress, tackle the tech stuff, make connections with other bloggers, figure out what it takes to do sponsored posts and get a grip on affiliate marketing. (If you haven’t even STARTED your blog yet, there is a free step-by step tutorial available here.) 

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And if I gave it more thought, that list barely scratches the surface.

In the midst of all that stuff, you’re discovering your mistakes and redoing everything while you learn.

And the whole time you’re frantically working, you have one big question:

Which of these things are the important things, the things that will make my blog profitable?

It can be hard to know! Each task FEELS important – right? (And depending on who you ask, and what they’re selling, you’ll get different answers from different people as to what you should be working on first, to create a profitable blog.)

I sat back and asked myself recently, “What are the things I have done that have produced the most ROI for me. What tasks have never been a waste of my time?” 

And when I put it that way, and looked back – in hindsight the answers were simple.

Only FOUR of the things I put my energy into have been largely responsible for growing my blog to a full time income in under two years (you can find my early income report here). It occurred to me that these four things are the cornerstones of my blog – the very foundation that all the other blogging tasks rest on. Without these four things, nothing else I do for my blog matters. 

The secret (well, one of them anyway) to starting a blog that makes money is knowing which tasks to put your energy into

You need to KNOW that the precious time you are spending is time well spent! We’d all like uninterrupted 8 hour days to work on our blogs, but very few of us have that.

So what are the four basic things that you need to focus on to create a solid foundation for your blog?

Just telling you what these four things are and then sending you out to do them wouldn’t be helpful at all, so I’ve created a (100% free) guide –

Blogging Basics: Actionable Advice for Building the Four Cornerstones of a Profitable Blog

You can grab the free guide below – and you can KNOW that focusing on these things will not be a waste of your time!

starting a blog that makes money freebie for beginners