I’m the first person to tell you that investing in your blogging education is imperative to blogging success, but you definitely shouldn’t overlook some of these great freebies for bloggers.

But I  get how freaking expensive it can be when you’re starting a blog, and it seems like you’re paying out the nose for everything. It’s nice to be able to take advantage of some of the great blogging freebies on offer.

There there are a TON of freebies for new bloggers out there, and to be honest, a lot of them are terribly disappointing and not worth your time. It’s hard to know exactly which ones are any good, and I’ve wasted plenty of time on blogging freebies that turned out to be complete crap or just “trials” of paid things that ended up costing me MORE money (I don’t consider these trials “free”).

Like, it’s not awesome to sign up for two months of an email service provider for “free”, and have everything set up there, and be all locked in… and then find out that you need to pay 100$ / month after that – when you’re not even making money on your blog yet. THAT is not a “freebie for bloggers”, THAT is a trap. You know?

Over the past couple years, I have run into a handful of rock solid freebies for new bloggers that are ACTUALLY free and ACTUALLY awesome.

These things will help any beginner blogger grow their blog and learn new things!


5 Awesome FREEBIES for new bloggers, to help you grow your blog FASTER!

Note that when I say blog freebies they are TRULY FREE with no strings attached – they are not “free trials”!

1 )  How to start a money-making blog for beginners, the step-by-step guide

Totally self serving here, but if you haven’t actually STARTED your blog yet I offer a free course that will walk you through the hard stuff, step-by-step.

It really is completely free and way more detailed than most free courses I’ve run into. You can access the full course here, or you can get it delivered to your inbox over the next 7 days with the form below.

2) The 12 month blog plan for success by Suzi Whitford

This is a blue print of exactly what you should be focusing on and when, for the whole first year of your blogging journey.

Suzi runs a 6 figure blog (startamomblog.com) and she is VERY generous in the information that she shares with new bloggers. This on is a must for me. Grab the 12 Month Blog Plan here.

3) The Blog Traffic Bonus Guide by Lena Gott

It’s all well and good to have a blog, but it’s far better to have a blog with people READING it. Lena’s book Traffic Transformation (not free) is one of my all time FAVORITE blogging books, and this free bonus guide that she created to go with the book is GREAT info for new bloggers (or any bloggers, really) to have. Grab the Blog Traffic Bonus Guide here.

4) 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight by Ruth Soukup

Ruth is the lady that created Elite Blog Academy (very not free), and she knows what she’s talking about.

She makes over a million dollars each year from her blog livingwellspendingless.com and she gives away GREAT free information in this book. Grab 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight here.

5) The Traffic and Monetization Mini Challenge (ALSO by Lena)

Lena is one if my favorite teachers – she has proven over and over to me that she knows her stuff. Her Traffic and Monetization Challenge is amazing.

6) Weekly free fonts from Creative Market

Each Monday, Creative Market releases one of their paid fonts (among other things) to be available to download FREE for a full week. Comes with a complete license, which means you can usually use these fonts anywhere.

I have gotten a ton of great free fonts this way! Check out the Creative Market free fonts here. 

Know of any other freebies for new bloggers that actually free and don’t suck?

Link to them in the comments so we can check ’em out!

New to blogging or starting a blog? You will LOVE these freebies for bloggers!

New to blogging or starting a blog? You will LOVE these freebies for bloggers!