Last night we met with our investor guy,

to go over our investments and talk about buying life insurance (it’s time to get serious about that – there’ll be a baby here in December and we can’t put it off any more).

We chatted for more than hour about what sort of risk we could afford to take with our investments and how much insurance we could afford to buy. We talked about how much money we should be putting away at our age.

When he left G was a little bummed out at the prospect of taking on another monthly bill, mainly because his work has been pretty slow for the past year and I’ll be on maternity leave in the near future. We aren’t putting away as much as we’d like to be and we defenitly don’t have an extravagant lifestyle.

We wondered if we are actually making enough money, or if we needed to get serious about finding a way to make more.

I cleaned up dinner, checked my blog stats (because it’s a terrible habit I have) and sat down with my husband to watch a movie.

I thought about what enough money might look like for us…

We’d like to save more, but it’s not like we aren’t saving at all.

My pants are getting tighter so I’ve started wearing dresses and tights for now. I won’t buy any maternity clothes I can borrow, and I won’t buy this baby anything new that I can get used.

When we want something, we try to buy it second hand – yes, out of necessity- but I LIKE finding deals at garage sales and thrift shops. I don’t mind saying no to going to concerts (or upgrading our phones ect) so that we can afford to go to Jamaica for a week instead.

We’d like to travel more, to be able to afford to visit G’s family in England more often. G would like a bigger house and there are days when I wonder how long our old computer will hold out so I can keep blogging. (The blog is too new to be making a profit – praying for a great future with it though! UPDATE: My blog officially makes a full time income!)

Some of my favorite blogs to read are money saving and finance blogs.

We try not to waste food, I shop the sales, we use credit card rewards to pay for flights, There are things that I flat out don’t buy because they are a waste of money.

But we don’t need anything, there are no debts hanging over our heads. We can afford to buy the life insurance, even if we can’t afford to buy million dollar policies. We can make sure our baby is taken care of if something happens to us. Maybe it’s easy to get confused about what enough money looks like, because we live in a culture of never enough.

Maybe “enough money” looks just like this; sitting on our comfortable second hand couch, watching Netflix after a good dinner, knowing that we have a great bed to sleep in and jobs to go to in the morning.

We have enough money. We don’t have lots of extra money, but we have enough money. As long as we are trusting the Lord to provide for us, and we are diligent with our spending and continue to make good choices, we have enough.

As long as we define enough as having our needs met, and focus on pursuing life instead of pursuing things, we have enough.

Maybe there will come a time in the future when our needs dictate that I have to focus on making this blog a profitable one, or when G has to find a new line of work. (Or we have to re-evaluate our needs, and be honest about what needs are.)

(If you are in the situation of needing extra income, read 5 side hustles that will make you money now.)

But to stress about that now, while we seem to have enough, instead of recognizing and being grateful for what we have… well, that would just be… really stupid.

I don’t want to spend my life taking what I have for granted, always chasing after more. As long as the bills are paid, there is really no use for a pile of money sitting in some bank, taking up my thoughts.

What does enough money look like?