Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2019 Review

Do you know what my FAVORITE thing about blogging is?

That there are no two blogs exactly the same.

NO two blogs have identical content, audiences, monetization strategies or anything else. A blog is as individual as the person who creates it.

What works for one blog doesn’t always work for another (and if anyone tells you there’s only one way to do something… RUN! That person couldn’t be more wrong!)

The REASON I love this so much is that I’ve never been comfortable inside a box.

I’m not a good rule follower, and I’m insanely curious – always asking, “but what would happen IF…”

Blogging is perfect for people like me.

I’ve found that the best way for me to move forward is to just find new things to try, and to improve the things I’m already doing that are working. Experimenting with things I hear is my favorite thing.

Sometimes it can be the slightest tweak to an existing strategy that can make a huge difference, and sometimes it’s throwing something entirely new into the mix.

I love blogging conferences because it’s that opportunity to sit down with other bloggers and hear what’s working for THEM that can give me insight into what else I should be doing, or what I should be doing differently.

The opportunity to learn from multiple teachers is invaluable.

Different perspectives, different stories of what’s working.

This is exactly what the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is. 

It’s like a crazy cheap blogging conference – a huge collection of thoughts from different bloggers.

It gives me a chance to get out of the box.

And everyone who has the toolkit will find different value in it…

For me, so far in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019, the two things that I took the most actionable and immediately-applicable-to-myself information from were Matt McWilliam’s Affiliate Promo Prep and Lizzie Emery’s The Creative Side Hustle.

Those two just really got my brain whirring with ways I can improve and grow my business. I got EXCITED while I was listening to / reading them. (And neither of them are things I would have gone looking to buy, interestingly!)

For YOU – it will likely be totally different things, depending on where you are in your blogging journey! Myself and my VA – Audrey – have spent considerable time going through the resources in the 2019 toolkit so we could give you an honest review of some of the products inside. 

We did NOT love ALL the products we looked at.

In the same way that sometimes you hear an idea from someone else, and think, “NO that wouldn’t work for me…” not every product in the toolkit will be FOR YOU.

So, it’s fair to say that you will not be buying 94 AMAZING blogging resources for 97$.

However, It IS VERY fair to say that you will be getting at least a good handful of awesome books or courses that are directly applicable to you and also some pretty cool tools – like templates + fonts etc.

I’m not going to go into detail about the few things that I looked at and DID NOT like. (I’m pretty advanced at this point, and it’s possible that some people would find value where I did not.)

Following is a list of the resources we thought were AWESOME! (And we did not get to go through EVERYTHING either.)

What’s in the Genius Blogger’s 2019 For beginner bloggers?

Blogger’s Secret’s by Brittany+Kelan Kline – this is VERY good, in-depth overview of making a blog into a business. It’s not an intro course to upsell you to something else, this is the FULL 400$ course!

Content Creation 101 by Crystal Paine – you can literally hear the 10+ years of experience she has, and she goes over everything from coming up with ideas to how to format your posts so people actually read them.

List by Number by Suzi Whitford – this is 100% ACTIONABLE, step by step for setting up opt-in forms and sequences in mailerlite AND convertkit… with example templates of what you might put into your sequences.

Also good for beginners – Bob Lotich’s WordPress 5.0 Masterclass and Ruth Soukup’s Social Boom, Kara Fidd’s Design course, Jada Alosio’s Canva course.

What about For Intermediate Bloggers?

Pin Practical Promotions by Monica Froese – this dives into different types of Pinterest funnels (via affiliate marketing), uses real-world examples of different types of posts that give her affiliate conversions, and her exact strategy when it comes to evergreen affiliate marketing on Pinterest, as well as open/closed door launches.

Facebook Ads for Affiliate Offers by Beth-Anne Schwamberger – This was a great actionable course on how to run FB ads for affiliate products. She takes you through step-by-step how to set up ads correctly to maximize your conversions. ( A little heavy, but FB ads are heavy. That’s just how it is. haha.) 

YouTube TakeOff Quick-Start Course: How to Start a Channel with a Growth Trajectory by Jennifer Maker – this is great starter course for launching a youtube channel. She goes over some basic YouTube SEO, overcoming fears of video, and the technical aspects of starting a channel.

From Popular to Profitable by Talaat & Tai McNeely – a one-hour video course that talks you through some of the more intangible things, goes over their “6 pillars of profitability”, and is super inspiring!

But… Is it ACTUALLY a good deal… for YOU?

(This truly is the most important part of this review of the 2019 genius bloggers toolkit, so pay attention!)

What makes something (anything) a “good deal”?

It’s NOT just the price (because value is only relative, isn’t it?).

I believe blogging education is important. I have spent – literally – thousands on learning to blog, and I believe that is why my blog is successful. BUT a blogging education only works if you put it to use.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is ONLY a good deal FOR YOU if you:

  • are a complete beginner
  • or are at the point in your blogging career where you need to learn something to take your blog to the next level (that’s most of us)
  • are interested in more than $97 worth of the products inside
  • are ACTUALLY going to make time to use the books and courses

If you are are a chronic course-buyer but not a course-finisher, then 94 NEW books and courses will not change anything for you. Just FYI.

I believe, if you will USE the books and courses here, this is a freaking fantastic buy.

Grab your copy of the tool kit here.

If you decide to purchase the bundle, be sure to check out this post from Amanda that goes over how to upload e-books from other sources to your Kindle! Many of the resources in Genius Blogger’s Toolkit are e-books and being able to read them on your phone or tablet through the app is MUCH easier than trying to do it on your computer.