Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2020 Review

Do you know what my FAVORITE thing about blogging is?

That there are no two blogs exactly the same.

NO two blogs have identical content, audiences, monetization strategies or anything else. A blog is as individual as the person who creates it.

What works for one blog doesn’t always work for another (and if anyone tells you there’s only one way to do something… RUN! That person couldn’t be more wrong!)

The REASON I love this so much is that I’ve never been comfortable inside a box.

I’m not a good rule follower, and I’m insanely curious – always asking, “but what would happen IF…”

Blogging is perfect for people like me.

I’ve found that the best way for me to move forward is to just find new things to try, and to improve the things I’m already doing that are working. Experimenting with things I hear is my favorite thing.

Sometimes it can be the slightest tweak to an existing strategy that can make a huge difference, and sometimes it’s throwing something entirely new into the mix.

I love blogging conferences because it’s that opportunity to sit down with other bloggers and hear what’s working for THEM that can give me insight into what else I should be doing, or what I should be doing differently.

The opportunity to learn from multiple teachers is invaluable.

Different perspectives, different stories of what’s working.

This is exactly what the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is. 

It’s like a crazy cheap blogging conference – a huge collection of thoughts from different bloggers.

It gives me a chance to get out of the box.

And everyone who has the toolkit will find different value in it…

We did NOT love ALL the products we looked at.

In the same way that sometimes you hear an idea from someone else, and think, “NO that wouldn’t work for me…” not every product in the toolkit will be FOR YOU.

So, it’s fair to say that you will not be buying 86 AMAZING blogging resources for 97$.

However, It IS VERY fair to say that you will be getting at least a good handful of awesome books or courses that are directly applicable to you and also some pretty cool tools – like templates + fonts etc.

I’m not going to go into detail about the few things that I looked at and DID NOT like. (I’m pretty advanced at this point, and it’s possible that some people would find value where I did not.)

Following is a list of the resources we thought were AWESOME! (And we did not get to go through EVERYTHING either.)

What’s in the Genius Blogger’s 2020 For beginner bloggers?

Please note that I did not personally go through EVERY RESOURCE on the list, and I know that some things that I did not go through WILL be great. The following list is things I DID look at and can recommend with confidence… it is not by any means exhaustive!

The WordPress Studio by Katie Grazer (eCourse) $147.00

Includes 30+ mini WordPress video tutorials showing you exactly how to use your blogging software.

Write Better, Right Now by Abigail King (eCourse) $300.00

Learn the secrets published writers know and master powerful techniques to make your writing sing.

Build Your List 101: How to Grow Your Email List – Even if You’re Starting from Scratch! by Crystal Paine (eCourse) $37.00

Want to learn how to explode your email list’s growth and effectiveness? In this comprehensive course, learn four foundational principles for being strategic and intentional about building your email list.

Welcome Series in a Weekend by Kate Doster (eCourse) $47.00

Create fans (and buyers) for life with a toe-curling welcome series.

Opt-In Magic by Tracy Lynn & Caroline Vencil (eCourse) $97.00

The secret to faster, bigger, better email growth…like magic.

Profitable Tripwires Training by Dale Persons (eCourse) $27.00

Learn how to make money and get loyal customers – while growing your email list!

1 Hour eBooks & PDFs by Debbie Gartner (eCourse) $27.00

How to create a simple product in an hour.

Profitable Facebook Group Workshop: Create & Leverage A Group To Build Community & Increase Sales by Alison Reeves (eCourse) $97.00

Launch, nurture & grow a profitable Facebook group.

And I will mention that I did not LOOK at Lena Gott’s ebook templates but I used templates she had available years ago to make my first ebook and I do not doubt that these ones will be fantastic, so don’t miss that either if you’re creating ebooks! There is also a privacy policy template inside for USA bloggers, and that will be FANTASTIC for new bloggers who don’t have one yet!

What about For Intermediate Bloggers?

There was fewer higher-level blogging courses than there have been in the past, but these there are NOT TO MISS!

Truly Evergreen Newsletters by Victoria Pruett – this is a $147 course that is NOT for beginners. This is for bloggers who really want to take their email marketing to a more passive place by setting up a series of newsletters. It’s an AWESOME idea and a well put together course.

Write Better, Right Now by Abigail King – this is a $300 writing course – and it would be AMAZING for a serious beginner, but also great for anyone who feels like their writing could be improved. Content is the foundation your blog is built on, yet bad writing is rampant.

Pin Practical Primer Starter Kit by Monica Froese – this is a $97 intro course to promoted pins. By intro course, I don’t mean “tells you what promoted pins are and leaves you hanging”. I mean this course will get you set up to run profitable ads with Pinterest. Beginners should not bother with this (yet)!

But… Is it ACTUALLY a good deal… for YOU?

(This truly is the most important part of this review of the 2019 genius bloggers toolkit, so pay attention!)

What makes something (anything) a “good deal”?

It’s NOT just the price (because value is only relative, isn’t it?).

I believe blogging education is important. I have spent – literally – thousands on learning to blog, and I believe that is why my blog is successful. BUT a blogging education only works if you put it to use.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is ONLY a good deal FOR YOU if you:

  • are a complete beginner
  • or are at the point in your blogging career where you need to learn something to take your blog to the next level (that’s most of us)
  • are interested in more than $97 worth of the products inside
  • are ACTUALLY going to make time to use the books and courses

If you are are a chronic course-buyer but not a course-finisher, then 94 NEW books and courses will not change anything for you. Just FYI.

I believe, if you will USE the books and courses here, this is a freaking fantastic buy.

Grab your copy of the tool kit here.

If you decide to purchase the bundle, be sure to check out this post from Amanda that goes over how to upload e-books from other sources to your Kindle! Many of the resources in Genius Blogger’s Toolkit are e-books and being able to read them on your phone or tablet through the app is MUCH easier than trying to do it on your computer.