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Maybe you’ve been here on my blog before, maybe you haven’t. If you have, you might know that I sell a Pinterest Ebookand that Pinterest is my “thing”.

Last month I had 500k pave views to my blog, and they came 90% FROM PINTEREST. There is all sorts of blogging stuff that I do exceptionally poorly. Email, content creation, editorial calendars, Facebook – extra yikes for Facebook – and the list goes on. But Pinterest is not one of those things, so I am BEGGING you to listen to me

I see Bloggers making a BIG BAD Pinterest Mistake

This post is prompted – ten minutes ago – by yet another occurrence of the exact same bad Pinterest fail that I see every day.

This is what just happened:

I logged into WordPress and saw a pingback from a site that had linked to one of my posts. (You know, a notification in the comments section of a post that tells you your post has just been linked to by another site.)

Whenever I see a pingback, I go to the post and check it out. When the post is good, sometimes I like to thank the blogger for mentioning me, but always I like to SHARE THE SOCKS OFF IT!

A post that links to me is a post that benefits me. I want it SEEN. I want it READ. I want to help that blogger get 20,000 views on that post!

So there I was in the post, looking for a way to share it on Pinterest… and there wasn’t one. Not only was there no way to share it on Pinterest, but there wasn’t even a good Pinterest image in the post!

Please, for the love of all things blogging, make Pinterest sharing easy for your readers

I actually stopped participating in share for share threads in Facebook groups because of this. I was wasting too much time trying to share the un-shareable (because I was obligated).

If I stop at your blog post – as a regular reader – there is no way I am putting extra effort into sharing it. I’m busy, and I don’t just love you that much. If it’s super easy to click a button and share to Pinterest (or Facebook) I might do that. But if I have to look for a way to share?!  I just won’t bother. (Some people might not even THINK about sharing if the buttons aren’t prominent.)

If you’re making this mistake, address it NOW

For goodness sake, put Pinterest images in your posts (VERTICAL IMAGES please – find lots more tips on making great Pinterest images in my Pinterest Ebook), and use a good social sharing plugin! 

Shareaholic is a very popular free social sharing plugin and it works just fine. It’ll work better than nothing. I used it for a whole year when I started out! But, word of warning: it is very resource heavy (can make your load time slow). It also started running it’s own popup ads on my site (which you can turn off, but it ignored that when I did it). Also, sadly, when I moved away from it because my readers were complaining about the invasive ads, I lost all my social share counts.

I now use (and highly recommend) Social Warfare. You can see it here in this post, under the feature image and at the bottom of the post as well. If you’re on mobile it’s probably even floating along with you as you read! That’s because I want social sharing to be SO EASY you can’t help but hit share on the posts you love.

One amazing feature of this particular plugin in that you can specify a specific Pinterest image on the back end – where you write your posts – that it will pull when someone clicks to share. That way, you DON’T have to have a huge vertical image IN your post, plus you prevent anyone from using any OTHER image from your on Pinterest. (For example, my feature image is horizontal and it’s not ideal for Pinterest.)

(I am doing an experiment right now, where I only have social sharing available for Pinterest and Facebook. There has been studies done that suggest people are more likely to share a post if there are fewer share options. So I’ve chosen the two that generate the MOST traffic and I am only running sharing for those ones right now. I can change this to include the rest of the platforms at any time. Social Warfare allows you to share on as many or as few platforms as you like!)

Social Warfare is also dirt cheap. It’s 39$/year, and I can not believe I had to give up all my share counts, slow down my site, and deal with invasive ads just to save 39$. If I could go back in time, I would install it the day I started my blog.

Here’s an example of why this is crucial

I happen to have a board booster account right now, because I was deleting pins (long story, but you guessed it, all about that in the Pinterest Ebook). I don’t pin with a scheduler, but once in a while I get board booster for the month to do the deleting. Boardbooster has a super interesting report called “Viral Third Party Pins”.

It shows you pins made by other pinners that link to your website.

If you don’t have social sharing, how will other pinners make pins?

I can tell you, right now, that some of these “viral third party pins” have brought me THOUSANDS of pageviews. (I am not guessing at this, I watch it in Google Analytics. Thousands.) That translates to hundreds of dollars in income that I would have missed out on if I didn’t have social sharing plugin installed on my site and good Pinterest images available.

So just do it. Install a good social sharing plugin and make sure you have great Pinterest images available. Please please please.


Ok, I’m done now.

(I feel better now that that’s out there.)

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