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Author: Carly the Mommy

5 Simple Strategies to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

I always loved the idea of my home as my sanctuary, but I didn’t realize that it would never be the case unless I made a point of making it the case. For the most part I’m naturally pretty lazy and more than a little disorganized, so it follows that my house can get a bit messy. Dishes pile up, dust bunnies multiply and stacks of dirty (or clean but unfolded) laundry take over.

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How to Make Kefir at Home

If you’re looking into how to make kefir at home, there’s a good chance you already know a little of it’s history. Feel free to skip ahead here! For those that don’t know, kefir is a fermented drink, usually made from milk, and full of probiotics. (Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that live in your gut. They are imperative for good health, and if you’ve taken antibiotics in your lifetime there’s a chance that your body has fewer probiotics than it should. Antibiotics – while great for ridding us from infection – can’t distinguish between good and bad bacteria. They kill off your good bacteria too.

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How to Plan a Dirt Cheap Holiday

In April last year, G and I spent 8 days in Hawaii for $2995.31 – all in. Oh did I mention that’s 2995.31 CANADIAN dollars – So more like $2000.00 (at the time) American? I love love love making travel happen cheap. For me, a big part of living with intention is taking the time to enjoy life, but also being aware that I can’t blow all our savings on one trip. This is where the budget holiday comes in!

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What You Need to Know to Start Working Out if You’ve Never Done it Before

Until two years ago, I had never run a mile in my life. I consider myself pre-disposed to athletic aversion. I really prefer drinking wine and surfing pinterest. With chocolate. There might have been times I was supposed to run, like in school, but I used to hide in this big doorway until the end of class and then coming “running” out as though I had been at it the whole time. Seriously. I have no idea how I got away with it.

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Travel Hacking for Beginners

Travel Hacking is becoming such a popular phrase. Especially in the budget travel world. I get it – I mean, who doesn’t want to travel for FREE? And possibly travel in style for free?

On the off chance that it’s a new to you phrase, Travel Hacking is the (refined) art of using credit card rewards and membership point programs to travel for FREE. It is legal. It works. It can be complicated.

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