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Author: Carly the Mommy

10 Things I Quit Buying (to Save Money)

If you’ve read many finance books or blogs, you’ve probably heard that in most relationships, there is just one person who is largely in charge of the finances. It’s a generalization, but one that hits the nail on the head with my husband and me. We make all our major money decisions together – house, car, investments, insurance… anything that costs more than a couple hundred bucks really. But I, almost unilaterally, do all the spending.

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3 Weight Loss Myths (That Keep Us From Losing Weight For Good)

While I’ve never been 100 pounds overweight, I HAVE been what is considered heavy for my height.
I’ve cringed at my double chin pictures, cried in the shower at the swimming pool (and also after hair cuts that didn’t REALLY make my face look thinner), and although I might be “smaller” now… I will never forget the hopelessness and disgust I felt with myself when I was heavier. Without a doubt, I know what it’s like to feel¬†desperate to lose weight.¬†

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Why We Aren’t Afraid to Use Credit Cards

If you have lots of consumer debt or if you can’t walk past a cute purse or awesome pair of jeans without pulling out your card, then this post is NOT for you. KNOW THY-SELF. A HUGE step in the direction of intentional living… know yourself. Be unwavering about what is ok for you and what is not, regardless of what anyone else recommends.

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