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Author: Carly the Mommy

For the Christian with Anxiety

Hi, Christian with anxiety. We’re friends! Maybe we don’t know each other, but we totally have the same struggle and the same God watching over us. (So we’re definitely friends.) I don’t know if I’ve ever written a post on a topic quite as difficult for me as this one. Because Christians aren’t supposed to have anxiety. We’ve all heard that the Bible says “fear not” 365 times, once for each day.

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The Gluten Free Staples I NEED in My House for “Instant” Dinners

I am totally committed to providing my family healthy, yummy meals. (And in our relationship, food is my job. I’m happy with that. I love being the one who decides, unilaterally, what I’ll eat and what I’ll buy.)
But…everyone has those days when nothing is going right – you slept in, your kid’s been sick all day, your dishwasher overflowed and maybe the dryer started a fire.

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30 Life Lessons in 30 Years of Life

I celebrated (well, I had cake anyhow, I use the word “celebrated” a little more loosely than I used to) my 30th birthday earlier this month, and it’s made me a bit reflective. It was a little harder that I expected… for a few minutes. Then I got myself together and reminded me that a birthday is a blessing, and a number is just a number.

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The Ultimate Guide to Living (Well) With Anxiety, Part 8 – Talking About Anxiety

Are you embarrassed to start talking about anxiety with friends and family? Maybe they know, but they brush it off like it’s not a big deal. Maybe you’ve been told one too many times that you’re being a bit ridiculous, or you’ve been called a hypochondriac or a conspiracy theorist or my favorite one – dramatic? Or something else that was a little hurtful (even if it was maybe a little truthful)?

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