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Author: Carly the Mommy

Is Someone Else Telling You How to Spend Your Money?

My mom taught me something that has stuck with me my whole life. (Well, my mom taught me a million things that have stuck with me my whole life. So that’s a pretty vague opening statement.) I’ll try again.

My mom taught me to be distrustful of ads, and in doing so she gave me the greatest money saving wisdom I could ever imagine.

She used to say, when advertisements came on or were displayed in a magazine, “Look at how they’re trying to sell this to you. Notice how they use words that are implying something, but not guaranteeing anything”. And man was she right. Marketing is huge business.

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What is Turmeric & Why is it on My Shopping List?

While not everyone will agree with me, I really believe that the “western diet” is one that requires supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and other healing / health encouraging foods. It’s pretty rare that we get ALL the nutrition our bodies require from our food alone; I know I certainly don’t! I try – but I don’t succeed at eating exactly the way I should.

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